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Dori Caswell & Kristen Wells 

Sisters Make the Best Confidants

Hello and Welcome!  Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Two Chatty Sisters is a website dedicated to saving you time and money in your search for the best products. As sisters and best friends, we have constantly come to each other to seek the “next best thing”. Our conversations, while sneaking into each other’s rooms late at night, to today trying to catch a quick phone call between loads of laundry and running errands, still focus around confiding in each other. Whether it be a book that entertained or edified, or a product that made life easier, we have always tried to give each other the best of what we find. Between the two of us, our love of finding a good deal has served each of us well. Now, longing to share what we find with you, came the dream of this blog. Below you will find out a little about each of us. We truly strive to give you the best reviews out there so that you can make the most informed choices when trying to find what is right for you. Consider us your sisters or your best friends that you go to for advice. Feel free to email us with questions. If you don’t see something on the blog that doesn’t mean we haven’t tried it, or know something about it.  Have fun on the site! May it be a blessing to you!


Kristen Wells

My name is Kristen Wells. I am a God-fearing stay at home mom of 2 and the author of The Warring Soul. I have a passion for reading, writing, and being obsessive about researching things before I buy them.  Most of my friends know that if they are looking to buy something – anything really (from cars to make-up) that I am the gal to ask. I hate buying things and then being disappointed with the end result. Feeling like I wasted time and money trying it out. In this economy, raising two kiddos on one income makes you have to start looking at purchasing things in a different light.  Not to mention having a long family history of cancer, suffering from endometriosis, a heart condition and a blood disorder while my daughter battles abdominal migraines, finding products as natural as possible is a must.

I pray this website will help to save you a little time and money in your effort to find the best products or even your next book to read. After your stop here, I pray you will also visit my other site, www.kristenwellsauthor.com where you will find more information about my debut Christian fiction novel THE WARRING SOUL – as well as my blog about all things relating to Christian living.  I have a tremendous passion (that usurps all else) for people to know and love God. I have a love for people who are struggling in this world, as I have a unique understanding and compassion for those who are in the darkness and suffering from things that seem to be so taboo in the Christian world! My only aim is to come along side and help in any way I can. So please take a look there as well for it is my ultimate love!



Dori Caswell

My name is Dori.  I am a wife, mother of two, and first and foremost a believer in Jesus Christ.  My husband and I have been married for 17 years.  In our first 10 years of marriage we  moved five times and lived in 3 different states.  However, for the last 7 years we have been fortunate enough to plant roots in a small town in Washington State.  As I have gotten older,  I have come to appreciate the small things in life.  One of those is my love of all things “girly.”  I remember my first experience with make-up was in the 8th grade.  I was given an eye shadow pallet for my birthday.  It was a large shiny red pallet, and when I opened it up there were 24 different colored eye shadows!  Blue, purple, green, every color of the rainbow was in that pallet, it was the 80s after all.  I loved it!  Thus, my journey of playing with make-up, trying new products, and learning  lessons on why blue eye shadow isn’t always a good idea, began. Over the years I have tried and collected many products.  I am excited to share those with you.  Hopefully, through these reviews you will be able to make a better informed decision what you want to spend your hard earned money on.  I look forward to continuing this never ending journey of a love for all things “girly” with you!

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